My Do It Yourself project partner (AJ) and I spoke to Ms. Wakeman, the FVHS college/career specialist, on Friday regarding our plans. She said she spoke to Ms. Peterson, the assistant principal. Unfortunately, she liked our idea but had other plans herself. Her main focus is on the Seniors of the school who are about to graduate. So to fit us into the plan, she wanted us to make our first guidevisement video for the Seniors! The video topic will be financial aid and we will give out information about how to apply.

AJ and I will research about financial aid and specifically about FAFSA. FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. We are still going to work with BBN (Baron Broadcast News) to produce and film the video. Our English teacher (Also the BBN adviser) gave us advice to use the BBN Planner template and/or storyboard to plan thoroughly before filming. It will help us organize the details necessary in the Senior guidevisement video.

During this Thanksgiving break, I will collect information as well as start on the BBN planner. Our goal is to complete the planner and storyboard before break ends. We are glad that the Seniors are our first audience in our project for guidevisement. Our plans haven’t changed as we are going to continue “Guidevisement in Ten”. We are happy to announce that our first topic is financial aid!

**To understand fully what our project is about and to learn what the DIY project is… visit the page: IdeaFM

Film Of the Week: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

A fun film for the Seniors who “struggle to take it easy”!


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