“Welcome to fund your future. Dream it –and then step into your educated future.”

In the 2013-2014 Fund Your Future Workbook, it provides information about financial aid and the basic steps to access higher education. It offers lessons on how to review financial aid offers, manage your money,  apply by deadlines and the workbook even offers terms/vocabulary that help you understand.

I found a small workbook about funding for college that I got a couple weeks ago from the school office. I read through it and realized how helpful it was. This workbook will supply the information needed to create our first Guidevisement in Ten video regarding Financial Aid; specifically FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). This first video will be made for the seniors. In process of researching information to present to seniors, this  18 page mini magazine gave out many tips and info on financial aid. The progress of this week includes notes on understanding student loans, ways to reduce college costs, and how to complete the FAFSA online. I will use this collection of gathered details and facts to be added in the video which is estimated to be started and possibly completed by the end of this week. The storyboard has not been created yet, but with all the information in this workbook at our reach, it will hopefully be finished this Friday.

Fafsa tips meme

**The four photos attached at the top are pictures taken from the Fund Your Future 2012-2014 Workbook. Click to view full size. Physical copies are available at the FVHS career center in the library!

*To understand fully what my project is or to learn what the DIY project is… visit the page: IdeaFM


Film of the Week: Accepted (2006)- “When every college turned them down. . . they made one up.”

A comedy for the seniors who have a fear of getting rejected. Reject rejection!


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