“Visit www. fafsa.gov. Sooner you apply, the less you will cry.” -Guidevisement in Ten: FAFSA

      It has been a couple weeks since my last update on my Idea FM project (Aka: DIY project). My project partner, AJ, and I have finally started and finished our first draft script for our “Guidevisement in Ten” video regarding financial aid. Originally written as two separate storyboards, we summarized  and  combined  them  together  and turned it into a  script. Although it has taken longer than expected due to various changes, lack of time, and incredible laziness… it is at last completed and that’s all that matters. However, it is difficult to ignore the fact that the script is still not perfect… hence, “the first draft”. Therefore, the next step is to edit our work. We have decided we would rather spend more time editing it so it can be perfected rather than to speed up the process and present it now while it is still good but only decent.

I have realized that this project will take up more time and will possibly limit the amount of episodes we can complete this year. However, I will be happy with whatever results as long as we get at least one great video filmed rather than the four we originally planned. It is indeed a difficult and long process, but I am confident in myself and my partner.


Film of the Week: Ruby Sparks (2012) In the spirit of editing the Fafsa script, this is a movie about a writer who writes and edits… a girl into existence.



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