“FAFSA… everybody got time fo’ that!” -Guidevisement in Ten: FAFSA

     It’s Friday, first period, English… and that means it’s time to work on the DIY project. Last week, AJ and I came up with the decision to edit our first draft until it was perfect. And to be honest, it’s been easier said than done…

    With Finals next week, these past few days have been very busy filled with loads of work crammed together. My partner and I are trying our absolute best to finish editing. However… we get side-tracked every once in a while when editing the draft becomes a bit boring. AJ would take that time and find a way to tell me her complaints like how she wished “numbers could be capitalized because [people] can’t tell whether she’s saying ‘four’ or ‘FOUR!'”. In fact, right now by writing this blog, we are technically procrastinating once again. 

   On another note… the script for FAFSA is in process of being edited and we can guarantee that the final draft will be finished right after finals. Although we have been procrastinating, we have not been ignoring it. The script is 1/3 done editing and we are 100% confident that all this extra time being spent on revising it will pay off! We will introduce FAFSA to the school and we will do it with style!


Since FINALS are coming up the following Wednesday… here are a couple FUN films that will keep your mind off the stress!

Films of the Week:

Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead (1991)-


Romancing the Stone (1984)-


Stardust (2007)-



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