Everything’s coming together! My DIY partner and I turned in our completed script to BBN for FAFSA last week and they have already started filming it!


When I went to check up on filming (as a producer omg I’m living my dream) on Wednesday after 6th period, Karen, who is helping with filming presented me the script changes and add-ons.  It was strange at first to see all the new scenes and characters, but I ended up liking it more than the original script.

20140226_150539 20140226_150529

    When I first entered the BBN room (coincidentally also my English classroom), I felt starstruck as the BBN crew roamed around the area. It didn’t feel like the same room 306. They were even filming a segment for the upcoming week’s episode at the other side of the room. I liked how everyone cooperated and immediately went silent after the segment director shouted, “Be quiet on the set!” Everyone was very professional!


Within 15 minutes, the BBN students helping on our project… Karen, Ashley, Catt, and Kleon, were ready to discuss the plan. We exited the BBN room to outside and talked about filming the fifth and final scene.


  After Kleon and Catt rehearsed their lines for scene 5, we were off to shoot in front of the gates. (The second photo features my shadow as I was recording and taking pictures from my phone while on the set.)

20140226_153217 20140226_153222

     The first couple takes were more of a “warm-up” than official. It made great practice takes and even hilarious bloopers. And since many students were still at school and needed to exit through the gates, we had some interruptions. Like so:


     But overall, the filming process was quick and systematic. Karen and Ashley even shot extra takes from different angles so it’d be more efficient after editing. Once finished, we moved on and walked to front of the library in hopes of shooting scene 2. Unfortunately, the library and media center was already closed. But they decided to continue filming the scene anyway… just from outside the library.


    Just as we solved one problem, there came another…  Ashley’s camera ran  out of batteries. So we called it a day and they agreed to continue filming next week. I am very proud of the progress though. We shot some amazing takes, and I can’t wait until it’s all finished! Filming was super fun. I’ve always wanted to be a producer, so I hope I can be part of something like this again… preferably with BBN.


Once the video is finished, I will post another update! For now, enjoy this sneak peek video from the set:



Film of the Week: Geek Charming (2011)

Since the topic of this post was filming… check out this movie about a high school boy who makes a student film regarding a high school diva’s popular life.



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