I’ve recently discovered that one of my friends is possibly the most depressing person in my class the world. I mean, she’s a happy person and she’s never pessimistic, but she has been missing out. She doesn’t watch movies!

I mean, you know, the GOOD movies.

It might not be a big deal, let alone any deal, to some people… but to me, it’s complete madness. It internally hurts my movie-loving soul.

It affects me so much that I’ve decided to find an excuse to rant about it using my English class blog. Recently, we’ve been using a new argument essay tool, called an argument map. It organizes claims, transitions, and evidence.

I am now obligated to argue against my wonderful-yet-depressing friend–Let’s call her “Raining Chocolate”.


First of all, she hasn’t seen some of my favorite movies… Poseidon, Matilda, The Proposal, etc…. this fact doesn’t just make her depressing to me, but it makes me depressed as well knowing she hasn’t seen these spectacular cinematic masterpieces. And even when we both agreed that we love Romantic Comedies, aka RomComs, we still can’t settle with one that we both find particularly amazing.


In addition, she doesn’t like horror films! Nightmare on Elm Street, Insidious, House of Wax, Mirrors, Freddy VS. Jason–Scary movies are one of the best genres in the world. I’m not trying to sound like I’m not fearful of anything–In fact, I do get startled while watching horror films… but that’s why I love them. The feeling of chills running down your spine as the serial killer/evil spirit targets a protagonist in the safety of your own home is ever-lasting. It’s like a roller-coaster ride, except you know you’re not actually on it. Someone’s going die, you just know it’s not gonna be you. It’s beyond exciting.


Of course, I understand that Raining Chocolate might not have common interests in movies with me because she watches mostly foreign films. So when I asked her if she had ever watched the Chinese film, Ip Man–To which she answered “No”–I almost fell apart. It has drama, it has heart, and most importantly it has Martial Arts, Chinese Kung Fu, Wing Chun! Each movie in the Ip Man series contains all the action necessary to entertain someone for more than the two hours it plays, but forever afterwards when it pops into your mind. Although Raining Chocolate and I both love foreign movies, we still manage to disagree on the best one. Raining Chocolate’s unfamiliarity with Ip Man, my favorite foreign film, is another reason why she’s “depressing”.


However, there are some reasons why Raining Chocolate is not “super depressing”. These are R.C.’s top three movies:

1. Titanic

2. Frozen

3. Despicable Me

I have seen two out of the three. I watched Despicable Me in theaters when it first came out. I’ll admit it was quite hilarious and entertaining, I agree that it’s a good movie. I have yet seen Frozen, so I cannot argue for or against it. Finally… TITANIC.


Can I just say Titanic is my favorite movie?

Titanic is my favorite movie.

I’m not exaggerating at all–I watched Titanic before I was born! When I was in my mother’s stomach, I was already a fan of Titanic. I know that because my mother said I kicked her in the stomach when the ship began sinking (Spoiler alert, not really) so that obviously meant that I was loving the movie.

In conclusion, Raining Chocolate and I do have our differences in what movies and types of movies we watch. She doesn’t like some of my favorite movies, she hates scary movies and she likes different foreign films. But in the end, we do have one huge thing in common. That is our praise for one of the best movies ever, Titanic. Raining Chocolate is still one of the most depressing people in the world to me, but at least she has good taste for certain films. 🙂

Thanks for letting me argue against you, Raining Chocolate. Friends forever<3

To the readers who want to visit Raining Chocolate’s blog, you can find her here:



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  1. wow Maggie you’re so dramatic
    but this is a great remix!

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