I feel like King Kong on top of the world… Happy without a care.


Why? Because… My DIY project is finally finished! My partner, AJ, and I started this project back around September and it has been months since we came up with our Guidevisement idea. It took a while to prepare for writing and filming. But these past few months have been a rush of progress.


We teamed up with the powerful BBN to help us edit, film, and edit our FAFSA video. AJ and I both visited the set once each, and it was a blast!


Pleasantly, the video was completed very soon after filming. The final product came out way better than I suspected. I knew BBN knew what they were doing, but I didn’t know how fast they worked. The video was professional, and I was more than pleasant and satisfied.


What is the video about exactly? Well, it is a short yet informational PSA video regarding the FAFSA application that “ debuts one of [AJ’s] close friends, Catt, and her friend Kleon. After the long and tiring process of submitting college apps, Catt doesn’t even consider all the money she’ll need to pay for college. Kleon helps her by guiding her through the FAFSA Application Process.”


I was surprised that even though the video was quite short, it fit every information in and found a way to complete itself. My favorite part was the last line. Watch the video, and tell me you don’t agree :P. Haha. It’s amazing how words on a page became a live video. I definitely want to be part of something like this again!


Thanks to our crew, Catt, Kleon, Ashley and Karen!


Films of the Week:

King Kong (2005)-


Rush Hour (2001)-


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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making Rush Hour one of the recommended movies this post. I don’t even think you know this but that’s one of my favorite movies!!! Maybe we have some sort of telepathy connection ~

    • MaggieA says:

      Wow, I love Rush Hour too! And I agree that we might have some telepathy connection among us because we’re partners in crime just like them! I’m Lee and you’re Carter lol

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