This upcoming week is the week that shall not be named.

It’s…  AP Testing Week.


AP Tests-

Definition #1: Exam that includes culmination of year-long Advanced Placement courses. All but one of the AP exams combine multiple-choice questions with a free-response section in either essay or problem-solving format. (Source: Wikipedia)

Definition #2: Suicide that costs $89. Slow and painful, lasts about 4 hours. (Source: Urban Dictionary)


In all seriousness, the AP tests are super important, especially when it comes to our future careers. So here’s a special tip  to prepare us all AP students before the big day:

DON’T procrastinate (For some of us this might be too late.)




Also, DON’T stress out too much. Imagine… after studying for hours and hours, you finally sit face to face with your AP exam… only to pass out in front of it.



I know it’s difficult not to stress out at a time like this, especially when we are so close to the AP tests. So, here are some wise movie quotes that’ll hopefully cure your stress:


1. “I don’t need no math. I got a solar calculator with my dozen donuts.”  -Stand and Deliver (1988)

2. “Experience is a cruel teacher – it gives the exam first, then the lesson.” -Red Trails (2012)

3. “If people die the moment that they graduate, then surely it’s the things we do beforehand that count.” -An Education (2009)

4. “The main thing is to pay attention, pay clear attention to everything you see.  Notice what no one else notices and you’ll know what no one else knows.” -City of Ember (2008)

5. “You can go through all the training in the world but eventually you have to follow your instincts.” -Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010)

6. “High school – those are your prime suffering years.  They don’t get better suffering than that.” -Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

7. “Any process worth going through will get tougher before it gets easier. That’s what makes learning a gift, even though pain is your teacher.” -The Ultimate Gift (2006)

8. “Anyone can memorize facts and figures.  The real way to learn anything is to go out and experience it.  Let your curiosity lead you.” -Curious George (2006)

9. “Classes will dull your mind, destroy the potential for authentic creativity.” -A Beautiful Mind (2001)

10. “Intellectuals are the jocks of the mind.” -Semi-Tough (1977)


Films of the Week:

All the movies used for a quote. Yes, all ten of them 🙂

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