“For my English class, we are each assigned a Do It Yourself project. This involves an individual or group project that helps us make a difference and inspire other people. We get every Friday of class time to work on it. We call this: Idea Farming. Idea Farming involves taking a seed, planting it, and eventually growing it enough to be fed. Our goal is to turn seed to feed. That’s what this project is all about. We want to use our class time and out of school time to accomplish this DIY mission. Why? So we can make our Junior year memorable and have a story to tell when we apply for college! Most importantly… so we can make a difference!

What is the difference I want to make? My project involves changing guidevisement to FUN guidevisement! My classmate, A.J. and I have created a goal to evolve the traditional long and boring videos regarding college readiness into new short and fun videos that make every student in every grade stress less!

Our mission is to make Guidevisement entertaining and informative, without boring students to sleep. Powerpoints and four-year plan worksheets don’t work, but the collective talents of the BBN crew might! These 10-minute videos will show specific grade levels everything there is to know about college readiness.

We hope to change up Guidevisement for the better. Our ambition is make the videos as fun as possible and at the same time include an abundant amount of information regarding serious matters of college preparedness. The two sides of Guidevisement will be set to an equal balance. This is our DIY project and we will do our best to achieve this and create success not only for us but also for the students of FVHS.” –Me in September




Ladies and gentlemen, it is now MAY 2014. When I first planned this project back in September with my project partner, AJ, we never would’ve guessed how much work would be needed to put into one single video.

We were originally going to make each video ten minutes long and we would’ve made at least four guidevisement videos, one for each grade.

But we layered it down to only one video, for the seniors, because of the fact that Financial Aid is such an important topic.

Although the finished product was only two minutes long, it managed to fit in all the information necessary for applying and even some comedic bits. I mean… look at this face: HAHA


While researching FAFSA for the video, I actually learned a lot about applying myself. The information we collected has been very useful not just for the video, but for ourselves, juniors-about-to-be-seniors.

And I hope that it was just as helpful for our seniors and possibly for our future seniors at FVHS.

All in all, I learned a couple things…

1.) Plan before planning.

2.) Don’t get distracted by procrastinating.

3.) There’s a lot of work put into even the simplest things.

4.) You can end up learning a lot even without trying.

5.) The feeling after you’ve accomplished something is phenomenal. (AKA: SUCCESS)



^Courtesy of Loki.

Working on this project has been a blast and even though we’d encountered multiple dilemmas during it, it all worked out at the end because we did our best and best is always enough!



Film of the Week: The Avengers (2012)-


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  1. That Loki gif tho 😀 great job partner!!! Our accomplishment may seem small but I am proud of us nonetheless!

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