By June 12th, I would’ve attended a total of 180 days at school… which means an estimate of 180 hours alone in my AP English class.

So to sum up 10,800 minutes of my life in Mr. Z’s classroom, I will list what I have learned.



1.) We don’t use pathos, logos, or ethos.

We APPEAL pathos & logos and we ESTABLISH ethos.




2.) The Rhetorical Precis is an essay life saver.

It works for every introduction whether it’s an article, column, or essay.


3.) Always refer to literature in the PRESENT TENSE.


4.) Everything is rhetorical. Yes, even food.



5.) SOAPStone is not soap on a stone.


S: Speaker O: Occasion A: Audience P: Purpose S: Subject Tone: Tone

SOAPStone is a great tool for analyzing literature or even an advertisement.




There are tons more that I have learned this year in which I wouldn’t have gotten the privilege to learn if I wasn’t in Mr. Z’s wonderful and hilarious class. I also loved using technology to participate in this class. This class was one of a kind! #ZAPFVForever


Film of the Week: City of Ember (2008)

I dare you to read the novel, City of Ember by Jeanne Duprau, analyze its rhetorical strategies, and then watch the film 😉


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